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Trails of blood left in frozen snow's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Trails of blood left in frozen snow

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Sometimes I make music [6:53 PM | Jul. 24th]
It's been quite awhile since I've actually put anything out, and I was never very dedicated to what I was doing. Well, I've started a new project called HARD HARD YEAR. I am working on an album at the moment.

I have no full songs for you to hear right now, but here is a sample of what it will most likely sound like...


EDIT: Here is another track sample...



DO THIS PLZ [3:34 AM | Jun. 14th]

Please add this to your friends list. It is my mp3 blog, syndicated through livejournal. As of yesterday it is now active, and I will post FULL ALBUMS!



The Cube, 1969 [8:30 PM | Apr. 25th]
imdb info

"THE CUBE.... Once you've seen it, you'll never get out....
It was a Sunday afternoon, February 23,1969, when the anthology show NBC EXPERIMENT IN TELEVISION aired a one-hour teleplay THE CUBE. It starred Richard Schaal as a man trapped in a white cubical room. He had no idea how he got there or where it was. And although anyone could enter, he couldn't leave....
A deceptively simple teleplay, THE CUBE worked its way into the memories of many who have seen it. Metaphysical play, philosophical allegory, dark comedy, psychological drama-- THE CUBE is as hard to categorize as it is to describe."

Watch It (53 Minutes):

@ youtube

I downloaded this (in better quality) the other day, and I must say it's pretty awesome. Watch it!

edit: download high quality (508mb)


I come from the future [3:00 AM | Dec. 3rd]
I have come for your women.

AKA comment to be added!


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